2 Stroke Mini Birt Bike Reviews

Mini dirt bikes have been functioning on 2 stroke engines for years. This is a tried-and-true method for getting as much enjoyment out of a compact dirt bike as possible without the huge investments of time, energy and money. A 2 stroke engine is what might power a lawnmower or a chainsaw, so you know that there is some torque and power to be released. Combine this with the new suspension systems that are coming out and improved handling, braking and automatic transmissions, and you have a well-built entertainment machine which will keep kids busy for hours and hours. There are significant advantages to purchasing a 2-stroke mini dirt bike over an electrical option. We have listed them below so you can make an informed purchasing decision based on the needs of your family.

Here is a table we put together with a couple of 2 stroke mini dirt bikes for your consideration. Below we list the benefits of these machines over their electrical counterparts.

49/50cc High Performance

Best Performance of All

  • Very Light Weight
  • Very Easy To Ride

recommended for:

7 to 13 year olds




DB49A Red 49CC 50CC,

2-Stroke, Gas Motor Mini Dirt Pit Bike

Light Weight

Extremely durable

  • Step Up From Beginner Bike
  • Very little assembly required

recommended for:

6 to 10 year olds


Lower Purchase Cost

Contrary to popular belief, 2 stroke mini dirt bikes are less expensive to purchase off the shelf when compared to electric mini dirt bikes. There are multiple explanations for this, but the main factor is that an electric dirt bike basically has to come pre-assembled in order to function properly. A 2 stroke mini dirt bike, on the other hand, can be built and maintained by the rider (or parent, in this case). This results in a bit more time spent on the machine itself, but it does save you money when making the initial purchase.

Totally Customizable

The beauty of 2 stroke mini dirt bikes is that they can be customized for aesthetics and function much more than any electric mini dirt bike. For one, an electric motor limits your ability to work with the mechanics of the bike. In effect, you are settling for a stock motor and the bike will never perform any differently, regardless of the amount of maintenance you put into it. Additionally, the concern of battery-operated dirt bikes is that they will corrode over time. This is particularly true in cold climates. For this reason, 2 stroke mini dirt bikes are preferable if you are looking to customize them or simply for easy storage. Just keep in mind that they require extra maintenance and they will return the favor in fun many times over.

Higher Top Speeds


It is no secret that 2 stroke mini dirt bikes perform much better than electric mini dirt bikes when it comes to speed. Although they have smaller weight limits, they make up for this by out-clocking their electrical competition. In some cases, a 2 stroke mini dirt bike can achieve double the speed of a comparable electric dirt bike. This makes 2 strokes a favorite among experienced young riders who want to get the most out of their riding experience. Although this can be a bit nerve-racking for concerned parents, we have found that exposing kids to powerful 2 strokes early in their riding development has led to more understanding across the board with respect to safe operation.

No Limitation On Operation Time

One significant limiting factor when it comes to electrical mini dirt bikes is that they only offer an hour of operating time before they must be recharged. This process can take up to 12 hours, which means that your kids will be limited to a maximum of 1 hour of biking time every day. Add to this the fact that you will not achieve the same speeds with an electric mini dirt bike and it becomes clear that 2 stroke mini dirt bikes are the way to go if you expect your kids to be using them for significant amounts of time. Once you have your oil/gas mixture set up for your 2 stroke mini dirt bike, all you have to do is refill the tank and you are ready to go. This means you can operate these machines longer every day, which may be what your kids are looking for.

More Authentic Dirt Bike Feel

When it comes right down to it, the simple truth is that there is no way to replicate the feel of a dirt bike without using a 2 stroke engine. Although these mini dirt bikes will not achieve the same levels of speed and handling found in full-scale dirt bikes, there is no argument that a 2 stroke mini dirt bike is the easiest way to give kids the feel for larger bikes. Although electric dirt bikes are quieter and can function for longer on a single charge versus a tank of gas for a 2 stroke engine, the long-term ability to simply fill up the tank and keep riding makes them extremely practical for day-to-day use. We particularly suggest 2 stroke mini dirt bikes for kids who are showing a special interest in motocross or motorcycles in general.

Regardless of what you are looking for in a mini dirt bike, it is always worth considering a 2 stroke mini dirt bike because they hold a lot of benefits over their electric rivals. Better performance, better feel, more customization options and a bike that can literally go all day - all big pros when it comes to giving your kids the thrill of a new outdoors toy. We are avid fans of 2 strokes for this very reason - they accomplish everything we want them to in a compact dirt bike. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!