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Motor Sports For Young Kids
Feb 12

One Of The Most Popular Motor Sports For Young Kids

All-Terrain Vehicles, or as they are better-known ATVs, were first constructed in the United States around ten years before three and four wheeled vehicles were manufactured by Honda and other Japanese companies.

Ever since three- and four-wheeled vehicles have been invented, they have basically taken over as the preferred vehicle for this type of hobby, surpassing its 6×6 and the 8×8 floating brother and sister models nowadays referred to as Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicles, or known by the acronym ATV’s.

One of the first racing ATV’s were made in 1985 by Suzuki. The ATV was a high-performance machine that was given the name the Suzuki LT250R QuadRacer. This model by Suzuki went through three huge makeovers to its engineering throughout its production;suzuki

  • a more advanced long travel suspension
  • a 2-stroke motor that was cooled with liquid
  • a full manual five-speed transmission for 1985-1986 models and a six-speed transmission for the 1987-1992 models.

The Suzuki LT250R QuadRacer was an ATV designed solely for racing by expert riders who understood the mechanics behind the correct speed.

The Suzuki LT250R QuadRacer was only the beginning of racing ATV’s. The racing models of ATV’s need to be built for high speed and performance in mind, instead of recreation and utility. To be the best at fast mini ATV riding, the vehicle have to be light in weight, has to have high power, a low center of gravity, and along with a low center of gravity, the vehicle must also have high-quality suspension. ATV’s have the ability to be modified so that it can handle any race the owner wants. For instance, racing styles such as woods racing or hare scrambles; cross country; desert racing; motocross; hill climbing; Speedway; and many, many others are optional modifications for the owner of the ATV.Racing Mini ATVs
The ATV racing hobby is spreading to all types of people of every age, including children. So the next logical step: building and racing mini ATV’s. Today’s technology has made possible a 50cc engine perfect for aspiring riders and professional racers where the top speed is 30 miles per hour.
While you are racing on a racing mini ATV dirt bike, you should start steadily and build on top of that. You should be much experienced before you start making your ATV minibike jump three feet in the air. When you watch other people on the bikes and how they are racing mini ATVs, would know whether you would like to try it out yourself or you would just like to watch a bike race and get the thrill out of it.
Some great safety features for these mini ATV’s is something called an Emergency Engine Cut Off, located on the rear of the mini ATV. A cord is attached to the “auto cutoff” attachment on the back of the ATV, and all the parent has to do is walk behind the ATV mini bike, pull the cord, and the engine shuts down.
Another excellent safety feature for the parent is a speed adjustment feature. The slang term for this function is “governor.” This feature allows the parent to minimize the child’s mini racing ATVs top speed to as little as five miles an hour and below.