49-50cc High Performance Red 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Pocket Dirt Pit Bike

Dec 30
49-50cc High Performance Red 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Pocket Dirt Pit Bike

This red 2-stroke mini dirt bike is what we refer to as “the Cadillac of the mini pit bikes”. It is designed to be among the fastest and sleekest mini dirt bikes, and it achieves this in spades. From the beginning, it was clear that this mini dirt bike was created with rider comfort and user experience in mind. It is shorter than most mini dirt bikes which provides a small turn radius and more control to the rider, making riding easier and reducing the risk of crashes and losing control. The suspension system is designed for rugged terrain with the rear shock absorption of particular note. It operates very quietly for a pit dirt bike, and features both front and rear wheel disk brakes. We feel this bike would be ideal for kids who are starting to develop an interest in motocross but are too young to handle a full-sized gas-powered dirt bike. As far as gas-powered mini dirt bikes go, this is our pick for one of the best on the market in the 49/50cc class.


What We Love:

We fell in love with this machine almost as soon as it was out of the box. Unlike many other gas-powered dirt bikes, this bike was easy to assemble. It took our crew about 30 minutes to put together, compared to other products that took upwards of 3 hours. Once we had the fuel/oil mixture, we were able to start it up and operate it for about 25 minutes. This is not much longer than the traditional gas-powered dirt bikes out there, but it is slightly better fuel economy on what is easily one of the better products available to you. Our testers were particularly impressed with the suspension system this mini dirt bike features. Unlike many dirt bikes that have sub-standard suspensions, causing bumpy rides and making tough terrain a frightening prospect, the suspension system on this bike is first-class, permitting hours of comfortable ride time without the soreness associated with long rides.

We really enjoyed the functionality of the basics on this bike - the steering, braking and automatic transmission. It was designed with learners in mind and allows even beginner riders to enjoy their ride without concern for safety or loss of control. Once the bike is built, we feel confident that even a 7 year old could operate it safely and effectively. However, we do suggest a minimum age of 9 or 10 before use. The weight limit of the machine is 127 pounds, but it is operating on 40 pounds net weight, making it one of the most trimmed-down yet powerful mini dirt bikes on the market. Many comparable products weighed in around 65 to 80 pounds and were capable of supporting about 140 pounds. Keep in mind that your kids might have to move this bike out of muddy areas and a lower net weight will make it easier for them to operate the machine autonomously.

What Could Be Improved:

In terms of improvements for this machine, there are relatively few to list. We were a bit disappointed that it couldn’t handle more than 127 pounds while operating. We know these machines are designed to handle smaller children, so a low weight limit is to be expected. However, electric mini dirt bikes showed themselves better able to handle larger weight limits (a medium-range electric dirt bike can handle a 175 pound load). That being said, no electric dirt bike is going to measure up to this one when it comes to speed and the comfort of the ride. Since it is gas-powered, there will be a bit more assembly and maintenance required from this machine than any electric dirt bikes. This is to be expected, and we feel it makes for a more authentic dirt bike riding experience.

One significant issue we had with the bike had more to do with assembly instructions than with the bike itself. We have some experience with the assembly of dirt bikes, so the instructions that were provided were frustrating when they dictated we take actions that would be problematic to the operation of the bike (such as mounting the choke the opposite way to what it was supposed to be). For that reason, we suggest that you have some experience in the assembly of gas-powered motors to get the most out of this product. It might take a bit of work to put it together and get it running, but once it is in working order, we feel there are not many products that can compete with it on the market.

Overall Review


  • Best performance of any gas-powered bike we have tested
  • Very easy to ride
  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent suspension system


  • A bit pricey compared to other models
  • Assembly instructions might be confusing to inexperienced buyers
  • Low rider weight limit compared to electric mini dirt bikes

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