50cc Mini Dirt Bike Reviews

When it comes to choosing a mini dirt bikes for your kids, it is great to start out young when they will be operating machines incapable of reaching dangerous speeds. As parents, we know you want to make sure your kids are safe when they’re having fun, but this shouldn't stop them from pursuing a passion for racing or dirt biking, if they have one. That’s why the 49 cc and 50 cc mini dirt bikes were created. These machines are capable of carrying significant loads at fairly high speeds and are designed to keep the rider as safe as possible with their suspension systems and shortened frame. This allows for extremely small turn radius's without negating the comfort that comes from a good suspension system.

With these systems in place, you can rest assured that your kids will be able to ride their 50 cc mini dirt bike without any concerns for their safety or ability to operate a motorized device. We have taken a couple of mini dirt bikes from our review list which are ideally suited to younger kids. We have listed the ages we suggest these bikes can be ridden at, along with their suggested experience levels and the prices of the bikes themselves. The point we are trying to make is that 50 cc mini dirt bikes are among the best-performing dirt bike options on the market for kids, and these 2 options are a great place to start if your kids are looking to try them out.



49/50cc High Performance Red 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Pocket Pit Dirt Bike

49/50cc High Performance

Best Performance of All

  • Very Light Weight
  • Very Easy To Ride

recommended for:

7 to 13 year olds




DB49A Red 49/50CC,

2-Stroke, Gas Motor Mini Dirt Pit Bike

Light Weight

Extremely durable

  • Step Up From Beginner Bike
  • Very little assembly required

recommended for:

6 to 10 year olds


Why 50cc Mini Dirt Bikes?

A 50cc mini dirt bike is a stepping stone to further dirt bike riding. It is designed to be handled by young kids (between 5 and 15 years old) to give them the sensation of riding a dirt bike without the risk of operating a fully-powered pit bike. The top speed for a 50cc mini dirt bike is about 25 miles per hour, which is a fair pace but not overly dangerous once your child gets a feel for controlling it. 50cc bikes also provide enough power to pull a small child’s weight - about 120 pounds - without overworking the engine. They operate using a simple pull cord start-up technique, automatic transmission and handheld brakes, so the rider does not require excessive technical knowledge in order to operate it. This combination of traits makes 50cc mini dirt bikes the best choice for kids looking to get into motocross, but without the age or experience to graduate to full-sized bikes yet.

50cc Mini Dirt Bikes - Is Cheaper Better?

Price is always a consideration when looking at purchasing something for entertainment. We always tell our readers that 50cc mini dirt bikes are designed as entry-level machines for those looking at a future in motocross or as a lifetime hobby. Much like an acoustic guitar, a 50cc mini dirt bike presents a new world to kids and it is up to them to determine whether they have a future in it. With that in mind, we strongly argue against parents that look to find the cheapest piece of machinery on two wheels to substitute as a mini dirt bike. While price is always a factor, you want to make sure that what you are buying is going to provide your kids with entertainment and that requires a machine that is well put-together, will start up every time and requires discipline and understanding to operate.

While cheaper models may suffice for the short term, the saying “you get what you pay for” is strongly applicable to mini dirt bike purchases. Higher-end models will last longer, operate better and provide more insight into your child’s future with dirt bikes than cheaper models. If you simply want something to entertain your kids for a few days, then a cheaper model might be acceptable. However, if you want to give them a completely new experience and open their minds to what else is out there, we strongly suggest making a smart first purchase by finding a mini dirt bike that suits their needs.

50cc Dirt Bikes For Kids - What To Look For

As a general rule, any mini dirt bike that features 50cc 2-stroke engines are designed to be used by young kids. They will not attain speeds higher than 25 miles per hour (most average between 20 and 25 miles per hour) and they are shortened to allow for smaller turn radiuses and to be operated by smaller riders. The key to finding the right 50cc mini dirt bike for kids is to look into weight limits that each machine can handle. Generally speaking, most 50cc machines are weighted for between 80 and 125 pounds, making them ideal for kids starting out on the dirt bike circuit. Below is a short list of traits to look for in your ideal 50cc mini dirt bike for kids:

Easy To Assemble/Maintain

Assembly times vary, but most of these machines should be able to go from box to backyard in about 1 hour. You may need some technical skill to ensure everything operates at peak efficiency, but ideally the instructions should cover any shortcomings you have in this department.

Easy To Start-Up/Operate

Since your kids will be operating the dirt bike, it is important that it comes with an easy start-up mechanism. Most bikes on the market will feature a hand-pull start-up option which allows your child to pull a rope to start the engine followed by a touch of the throttle to get started.

Automatic Transmission

This is the standard when it comes to 50cc mini dirt bikes. The manufacturers know the audience that will be operating them, and has created an easy-to-drive system as a result. This is particularly important for beginners.

Decent Suspension System

Most mini dirt bikes come with some sort of suspension system to help the rider feel comfortable while moving through tough terrain. Electric mini dirt bikes tend not to have these, which makes the experience of riding a gas-powered machine that much better for the rider.

Manufacturer Warrenty

The simple truth is that these machines will be ridden hard when they are in use. Mechanical failures should be expected. You will be spending some time on maintenance and repairs and it is always good to have the manufacturer on your side to help you out.

By taking these suggestions to heart when looking at purchasing a 50cc mini dirt bike for kids, you will be all set to provide your kids with the excellent dirt biking experience they want without breaking the bank or monopolizing your time. We believe it’s important to find a machine that is easy to operate and maintain since this maximizes the fun your kids will have and minimizes your stress levels.