DB49A Red 49CC-50CC 2-Strock Gas Motor Mini Dirt Pit Bike

Dec 30

The DB49A is a great little dirt pit bike which operates on a single cylinder 2-stroke air-cooled engine. It is a step-up from the typical beginner bike and requires a fair amount of technical knowledge for construction, installation and operation. It features a fully automatic transmission, meaning you or your child will not have to worry about shifting gears while riding. It can reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour, and has handle-mounted breaks for easy use. We strongly suggest only using this dirt bike if you or your child have experience on these machines.

What We Love:

Although this is a dirt bike for experienced riders, we found that most of the testers who rode it could operate it safely and very well. This owes a lot to the DB49A’s sturdy design and excellent functionality. Unlike many other dirt bikes we tested, the DB49A was able to take an insane amount of punishment and keep on functioning. This was great news since the bike itself is lighter than many of its counterparts and can really kick out some speed, especially when younger kids are operating it. One of the biggest selling points we can provide you with is the set-up time. Many of the machines we reviewed took hours to piece together using a combination of assembly instructions and YouTube. This 50 cc mini dirt bike took us less than 20 minutes, took a beating and kept on moving.


A huge selling point for the DB49A is that it comes with a 30-day factory warranty. If any parts are found to be defective within that time frame, the manufacturer will replace them at no cost to you. Simply replace the defective part and you have a tough dirt bike ready for operation. It weighs only 50 pounds, making it one of the lightest dirt bikes we have ever tested. It also makes it ideal for learners, since they are not operating a machine beyond their ability to move. It is also one of the flashier dirt bikes we reviewed, and was well-received by nearly every rider we paired with it.

What Could Be Improved:

Although the DB49A performed extremely well in our reviews tests, there are some shortcomings to this machine that you should be aware of before purchasing. For one, the weight limit of this machine is about 100 pounds, making it a great choice for younger kids but not ideal for older teenagers. Most machines we tested were in higher weight classes, making this a lightweight when it comes to the size of passenger it can handle. The bike required some assembly which is pretty common for dirt bikes that are purchased brand new.

The primary issue we had, however, was with the operation of the mini dirt bike itself. It is designed for experienced riders as it does not feature an “easy” start-up process. Most dirt bikes have a simple chain pull start-up mechanism which makes them ideal for younger kids who do not understand the intricacies of clutches, throttles and intakes. This is a bit troublesome since the weight limit of this bike makes it ideal for younger kids - exactly the audience that will intrinsically have less riding experience and therefore more difficulty with the start-up. Once they get a handle on this, however, this dirt bike operates like a dream.

Overall Review


  • Exceptional quality dirt bike
  • Extremely durable
  • Very little assembly required
  • Very simple to operate once you get the hang of it


  • Better suited to experienced riders
  • Can be difficult to start-up for beginners
  • Small 100 pound weight limit

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