How to Keep the Air Filter of Suzuki Motocross Bike in Top Condition

Feb 02

If you are a competition racer in any motocross event, your success will not only hinge on your riding skills.  Your chances of becoming a motocross champion also depend on how well you take care of your machine.  Even if you have a high-performance Suzuki dirt bike, you still need to follow proven maintenance procedures to keep your powerful machine in top condition.

Correct maintenance is essential so that you can get desirable results from Suzuki dirt bikes.  When it comes to maintenance, one of the most important jobs that you have to bear in mind is air filter cleaning.  The filter is your first line of defense against engine damage.  Without the air filter, lots of particles, dust and debris can be sucked into the engine.
The air filter of your Suzuki motocross bike prevents potential hazards from getting into the engine.  In muddy and wet conditions, the filter will be able to soak up water.  If it is clean and in top shape, your bike’s air filter will be able to perform its job optimally.Simple Way to Clean Suzuki Dirt Bikes Air Filters

Cleaning motorcycle air filters is a very messy job.  That is why some air-filterriders often neglect this aspect of motocross maintenance.  However, there is a simple way to clean the air filter.

Here’s how to do it:
First, you have to remove the seat to gain access to the air box.  Detach the filter and put it inside a bucket.  To clean the filter, you can choose between warm soapy water and a standard filter cleaner.  Filter cleaners are more convenient to use but warm soapy water is cheaper.
Filter cleaning is time-consuming, but it must be done.  To get rid of embedded dirt and particles, you have to wash it with clean water.  After this, allow the filter to dry completely.  Make sure that no moisture and water droplets are left so you can prevent engine damage.

How to Protect the Air Filter

After cleaning and drying the filter, you need to protect it against dirt intrusion.  The best option available for you is to spray the filter with a generous coat of conventional oil or filter oil.  Make sure to coat the filter evenly so as to avoid missing some spots.  Again, you have to dry completely the filter to prevent carburetor and engine damage.Additional Tips for Suzuki Motocross Bike Owners
When cleaning air filters, some riders would suggest that you use petrol.  Using petrol has advantages and disadvantages.  For one thing, petrol can quickly remove embedded dirt.  Unfortunately, the harsh chemical of petrol can damage the seams which could expose your engine to more hazards.
Another good tip is to apply a coat of grease to the airbox to seal the filter.  Just a small amount of grease applied around the rim would be enough.  This coating will be able to provide adequate protection for the filter.  The grease coating will seal the rim entirely and will prevent intrusion of dust and dirt.

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