Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Dec 30
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor MX350 is the smallest member of Razor’s MX family of electric mini dirt bikes. Although it is smaller than its cousins, the MX350 still has the power and operating time to provide entertainment to younger kids with the safety all parents want. It is specifically built to provide bursts of speed without the trouble associated with mixed fuel gasoline engines. This reduces the mess of maintenance and the frustration of fuel. It also saves you from having to regularly mix gas and oil to ensure the engine operates smoothly. Lastly, without a gas-powered engine, the risk of burns and overheating is removed entirely.

What We Love:

The MX350 Dirt Rocket is a terrific mini dirt bike for kids. It is capable of generating 12 to 15 miles per hour for up to an hour of run time on a single charge. We found this great because most kids get tired of riding before the mini dirt bike requires charging. It is extremely compact, shipping at less than 65 pounds. This means that your young kids can easily operate it without having to worry about excessive speeds. We found it easily capable of supporting a rider of 100 pounds, although we would not suggest putting anyone heavier than 140 pounds on it.

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Since the MX350 is an electric mini dirt bike, it is perfectly suited to small kids since it does not require adult supervision to maintain, start or operate. At an hour of operational time on a single charge, there are good odds that the Dirt Rocket will outlast your child’s interest. However, with a few hours of charging, it will be ready to use again without any fuel mixing or maintenance. We found one of the best benefits of this mini dirt bike to be the very easy assembly. Within 15 minutes, we had the bike out of the box, ready to use and charging for its first use. This makes it great as a special gift for a birthday or holiday since it can be used the same day it comes out of the box.

What Could Be Improved:

While there is little we can say against the MX350, it does have some drawbacks compared to larger MX models. It is not as powerful as its larger cousins, making the MX350 the tyke version of the electric mini dirt bikes we tested. It is built for young kids, so this is understandable. It does not bring as much speed or power as a standard gas-powered mini dirt bike, although this is true of nearly all electric mini dirt bikes. Again, this is a mini dirt bike built for small kids, so the reduced speed may be ideal for parents who are concerned about their kids becoming speed demons.

It also cannot hold larger individuals, so it is best used for small kids. We suggest ages 6 and older for best results although during our tests kids as young as 4 were able to operate the MX350 effectively. Overall, the MX350 Dirt Rocket is a great little dirt bike, although it should not be expected to function above what it is - a ride-around mini dirt bike with the ability to handle slightly rugged terrain for small kids. It’s a terrific starter bike to see whether your kids are interested in pursuing dirt biking over the long term or merely enjoy the idea of having access to one in the short term. The cost is exceptional for what you get and will save you big money over time if your child decides dirt biking is not in their future. We strongly suggest beginning with the MX350 if you child has expressed an interest in dirt bikes as it will be the litmus test to determine whether they are serious or not.

Overall Review


Electronic Mini Dirt Bike
  • Very cost-effective
  • Easy to operate
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Runs for up to an hour after full charge


  • Not as fast as a gas dirt bike
  • Relatively low weight limit for riders
  • Not built for older kids
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