RAZOR MX400 24V Dirt Rocket Electric Motorcycle Bike & Full Face Helmet

Dec 30
RAZOR MX400 24V Dirt Rocket Electric Motorcycle Bike & Full Face Helmet

The Razor MX400 is part of Razor’s MX series of excellent electric mini dirt bikes. It is a scaled-down version of the MX650, and therefore can carry less weight. It also features a slightly lower maximum speed than the MX650. The upshot of this is that you have a smaller, lighter, more manoeuvrable machine designed with young kids in mind. It is extremely easy to operate and functions for up to an hour on a full charge. Although it is a smaller version of the MX650, both were very well-received by our testers for different reasons. Although the MX650 was more powerful and built for older, more experienced riders, the MX400 was a perfect fit for smaller kids and inexperienced riders to help them get their balance on a dirt bike before moving on to a more powerful version.

What We Love:

The MX400 is what we refer to as an entry-level mini dirt bike. It is perfectly suited to smaller kids in the 6 to 10 age range. We have seen customer reviews of 3 year olds operating it, however, so we feel it is a great choice for kids of any age. The weight limit of the MX400 is about 140 pounds, making it a great choice for kids and young teenagers. It can operate at 15 miles per hour, can handle a complete hour of operation on a single charge, and can take a beating and continue to function. The beauty of this machine is that it is not weighted like an electric mini dirt bike. At only 65 pounds shipping weight (about 63 pounds operating weight), it is one of the lightest electric dirt bikes on the market. This makes it ideal for young kids and takes away a lot of concerns parents have regarding crashes and falls.

The assembly involved with this bike is minimal, since it is electric-powered. We were able to put our test machine together in about 15 minutes. The bonus here is that there is no additional fiddling required. No mixing gas and oil, no mechanical tune-ups, and no concerns of worn out parts to be replaced. Simply hook it up to a 120V outlet, let it charge and you’re ready to ride. We were surprised and impressed with the amount of torque the MX400 could kick out, providing our testers with a lot of enjoyment during their rides.

What Could Be Improved:

Unlike many mini dirt bikes we tested, the MX400 does not feature a suspension system. This makes it very light and easy to maintain, but can make the ride a bit bumpy. A properly-dressed child will not be affected by this, so we suggest ensuring that your kids are properly prepared for a dirt bike ride before hopping on the MX400. It has a lower maximum speed than many electric dirt bikes on the market. Although this is kind of a downer, it also makes the MX400 ideal for smaller kids and helps get both riders and parents through the nervous first few rides.

Although an hour of operational time is great, it also requires a 12 hour recharge period once the batteries are exhausted. This is not bad when the MX400 is used as a once-in-awhile entertainment toy. However, for youngsters looking to jump head first into dirt biking, this will present a challenge. For most kids, however, we found the battery charge lasted longer than the interest in riding the dirt bike. One other issue we had with the MX400 was the reduced wheel size. Most Razor models come with re-sized wheels for additional traction and terrain-covering ability. Not so the MX400. That being said, since it is meant for younger kids, we can understand the idea of creating a toy for them which forces them to stay on relatively level ground to start with. This is why we identify the MX400 as a beginner-level dirt bike.

Overall Review


  • Lightweight
  • Great for smaller kids
  • 1 hour of operational time
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Very durable


  • Not as fast as gas-powered mini dirt bikes
  • Weight limit of 140 pounds
  • No suspension system

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