Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Dec 30
Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Motocross Bike

The MX500 is the middleweight class of Razor’s MX lineup of electric mini dirt bikes. It features a 500-watt electric motor that can carry riders up to 15 miles per hour. A single battery charge lasts for about an hour at full velocity. It is built to handle weights up to 175 pounds which places it on the high end for mini dirt bikes. As far as mini dirt bikes go, this is the middle ground if you are seeking performance and easy use. Of particular note is the excellent suspension system the MX500 offers, which makes riding it extremely comfortable. We would strongly suggest this option for riders of all ages and experience levels since it is easy to maintain, fun to ride and does not reach excessive high speeds.

What We Love:

The MX500 is what you get when you ask for a beginner-level, medium-performance mini dirt bike for kids. It handles extremely well due to its pneumatic knobby tires, which also serve as excellent power-transfer modules. It is designed to hold very large weight limits (the manufacturer says 14 years and older, or 175 pounds) and provides great acceleration regardless of the weight placed upon it. It maxes out at 15 miles per hour, which is fast enough to enjoy the ride in relative safety. We found this to be a big plus for concerned parents and beginner-level kids. As a safety measure, we recommend that the rider be at least 45 inches tall in order to operate the MX500. For our money, however, the biggest value the MX500 provides is its suspension system.

The suspension system featured in the MX500 is second to none. It allows the rider to take bumpy terrain without thinking twice, and permits the large weight limit we mentioned earlier. We found that a 100 pound child could effortlessly operate this machine, which makes it great as a long-term investment since your child will likely tire of riding it before it dies. It is also an extremely affordable electric mini dirt bike option, and the maintenance and mechanical skill required to assemble it is practically nil. We were able to assemble it in about 15 minutes, and it was ready for operation once it was fully charged. Our tests showed that it could operate at peak capacity for about an hour, depending on the weight of the rider. This makes it great for regular riding and for special days.

What Could Be Improved:

The MX500 is a great middleweight electric mini dirt bike. As such, it is designed to run the middle ground in terms of form and function. This makes it a great compromise between speed and the ability to carry heavy weights. That being said, since it is designed to be a generalist mini dirt bike, it does not specialize in any of the rating categories we assign to dirt bikes. At 15 miles per hour, it travels slower than some electric dirt bikes we tested and much slower than the gas-powered dirt bikes we reviewed. It is capable of carrying up to 175 pounds, which is better than the gas-powered dirt bikes, however this is lower than some electric bikes we tested.

Based on its own merits, the MX500 is a solid choice for riders of any experience level. We would like to see greater speed out of a bike this size although this is part of having an electric dirt bike. Of all the bikes we tested, this one performed best when it came to customer reviews. There is not much we can say about it in negative terms. It rides well, it attains decent speed, it can carry a lot of weight and it is built to last. As an added benefit, it operates quietly as most electric mini dirt bikes do. It is also remarkably easy to assemble. Multiple customer reviews show that 10 and 11 year olds were capable of putting the bike together themselves, with minor parental supervision. If you are looking for a well-rounded mini dirt bike option, the Razor MX500 is our personal pick for you.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike
Overall Review


  • Cost-effective
  • High rider capacity weight limit
  • Pretty fast for an electric mini dirt bike
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Does not specialize in any particular rating category
  • Might be too much bike to handle for younger kids
  • Not as fast as gas-powered dirt bikes

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