Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review

Dec 30
Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor MX650 is one of our preferred dirt bikes for several reasons. It features very wide knobbed tires for excellent traction in muddy areas. It is powered by electricity, which means there is no need for fuel refills or complicated assembly. It also has an exceptionally high weight limit for riders at 220 pounds. This makes it one of the “larger mini dirt bikes” we reviewed. It is more expensive than many dirt bikes on this website, but it is also designed with easy use, power and traction in mind. This makes it great for beginners and experienced riders alike.


What We Love:

As an electric dirt bike, any MX650 review demands knowledge of the operating time of a single charge. At 40 minutes or 10 miles of constant use, the MX650 is at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to electric dirt bike functionality. You will get more distance out of a gas-fueled engine, but you won’t get the same ease of access to fuel sources (a 120V outlet will do) or the same power you get out of the MX650. With 220 pounds of carrying capacity, the MX650 has the strength to carry a rider of any size, making it greater for both kids and teenagers - a rarity among the bikes we tested. At 16” and 14” respectively, it also features significantly larger wheels than most mini dirt bikes.

The industry standard for mini dirt bike wheels is 12”, which is great for general purpose operation in dry areas. Through tough mud and wet conditions, however, that additional wheel diameter helps to get you through your ride. The big benefit of an electric-powered mini dirt bike, however, is the ability to operate it for 40 minutes on a single charge and to have it ready to operate again within an hour. Anyone with younger kids know this is about how long a typical ride will last before moving on to another activity. We found the MX650 to be an excellent middle-step between beginner riders and experienced ones, without the need for refueling or measuring gas:oil ratios for the engine. It also means less assembly time and maintenance for you with fewer moving parts.

What Could Be Improved:

Although the MX650 can hold heavier riders, travel significant distances and get through tough terrain, it does have shortcomings. For die-hard riders, 40 minutes of operating time and several hours of waiting times for recharging are unacceptable. We did not find this to be a significant factor in our tests, but for kids that are looking to be on their bikes every minute of every day, this is probably not a great choice. With heavier rider occupancy also comes a heavier machine. At 111 pounds, the MX650 is twice the weight of many machines we tested and this may factor into the decision-making process of parents with small kids.

In addition to potentially shorter run times, the MX650 is capable of only 17 miles per hour at peak charge. Compared to gas-operated models, which regularly operate at 25 miles per hour, this may not be a favorite for experienced riders. On the flip side, however, it may be just what a worried parent wants for a first-time rider. Although the manufacturer suggests a rider age of 16 years or older, we found that 13 and 14 year olds could operate the machine safely and effectively. We have seen customer reviews where 7 year olds were operating this machine safely, so we suggest taking the manufacturer’s recommendation with a grain of salt.

Overall Review Of The Razor Mx650


  • Able to handle any rider
  • No fuel costs
  • Very easy to use
  • Larger wheel spans mean more difficult terrain


  • Slower than gas-powered dirt bikes
  • Charge time only lasts 40 minutes
  • Very heavy compared to other dirt bikes we tested

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